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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Passion Pit / Manners


Passion Pit / Manners


昨年リリースのEP(ミニ・アルバム)も超良かったし、"BBC SOUND OF 2009"にもランクインしてたしで目を付けてた人もとにかく多かったであろう、否が応でも業界的にも超期待のアルバムが遂にドロップでございました。
コレ系の中で昨年で言えば、MGMT, Hot Chip, Metronomyクラスの評価に値するホント最高の盤でしたわ。
個人的に鬼崇拝しております"Avalanches"や"The Go! Team"辺りに通じる音楽的な一面をすこぶる感じさせられます。サンプリングのネタ使いや音質、質感がヤバいし。
T-04, T-06, T-07, T-09, T-11 たまらんです!! スーパーヘビローーーーーーーーー!!

Passion Pit / Manners
01. Make Light
02. Little Secrets
03. Moths Wings
04. The Reeling
05. Eyes As Candles
06. Swimming In The Flood
07. Folds In Your Hands
08. To Kingdom Come
09. Sleepyhead
10. Let Your Love Grow Tall
11. Seaweed Song


Passion Pit, "The Reeling" ★★★★★

Passion Pit, "Sleepyhead" ★★★★★


Malcolm Mclaren / Supreme

Malcolm Mclaren was born in 1946 in the suburbs of London, England. In 1971, he and then partner Vivienne Westwood opened a shop inspired by the Teddy Boy movement called Let It Rock at 430 Kings Road.

In 1972, Mclaren met the New York Dolls on a trip to New York City and took on the role as their manager and designer of the band's stage wear. He changed the name of his shop to Too Fast Too Live Too Young Too Die. But after the brand's breakup in 1975, Mclaren turned his focus to fetish wear that paved the way for punk via his newly named shop, SEX. When he met Johnny Rotten on the street one day that year, Mclaren formed and managed The Sex Pistols, the legendary band that would be the vehicle for this new look and attitude. Shortly after the release of their first and only album "Never Mind The Bullocks, Here's The Sex Pistols" the band disbanded.

In 1983 Mclaren embarked on a solo musical career with the release of his album "Duck Rock" Fusing elements of the then newly emerging hip-hop sound with more traditional African and American music, Mclaren scored major hits with tracks like Buffalo Gals, World's Famous, and D'Ya Like Scratchin. The album was a collaboration with "The World Famous Supreme Team" that was Just Allah and See Divine, two emcees from New York City. They also hosted a radio show called "The World Famous Supreme Team Show". Mclaren also worked on the album with key artists of the time including Dondi White and Keith Haring, among others.

Supreme will release a small collection with Malcolm Mclaren comprised of original artwork on tees, hoodie and New Era hat. In addition, a Vans V-79 was designed for the project.

Available in-store and online this Thursday, May 21st.
Available in Japan on May 23rd.

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